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April 18 - 23, 2023

Aesthetic Indesign SRL

House of VLAdiLA is a polymath brand, a community of artists and creatives that cultivates interiority and glam intimacy through designer pieces of home decor.

VLAdiLA produces wallpaper, textiles & upholstery, furniture and home decor that start out as drawings created with utmost care, passion and love for this craft. Clients and collaborators have the possibility to order custom pieces that are designed from scratch according to their personal taste and needs.

The entire range of wallpapers can be produced using 3 different materials and textures:

  • Smooth wallpapers that are matte, even, and soft to the touch;
  • Canvas wallpapers that create the illusion of a genuine painting adorning the wall;
  • Linen wallpapers that dress up the surface with a fabric-like texture, offering unique dimensions to any room.

The design House started exploring the textile territoire through upholstery, cushions, pillow covers and drapery that gracefully continue the stories that the team of painters and designers have originally expressed through the art of wallpaper.

VLAdiLA’s portfolio also includes a characterful collection of exquisite sofas, chairs and stools, upholstered with the same hand-painted patterns as the wallpapers. Clients can choose from a variety of shapes and styles, from intricately executed two or three-seater sofas with beautiful rollover arms to deconstructed or fluffy buttoned-back chairs, seated on stylish turned gold castor front legs and tapered back legs. Comfortable and elegant, opulent and stylish, every piece of furniture creates rhythm and harmony, making a fantastic addition to an open plan residential or commercial space.

House of VLAdiLA is environmentally friendly as they use solvent-free, non-toxic printing ink, as well as certified materials, made from ecological and recyclable natural fibers.


Upholstered furniture; Wardrobes


Leisure armchairs; Modern sofas and armchairs; Traditional sofas and armchairs; Traditional wardrobes