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Entourage Furniture SRL

B18 Muncii Boulevard, Cluj Napoca, 400641, Cluj County, Romania


Our story

WR-Inspired embodies modern sophistication and European craftsmanship. Our brand seamlessly merges contemporary aesthetics with premium quality and sustainable craftsmanship.

Our cutting-edge European facilities blend steel with natural materials, ensuring sustainability while crafting designed furniture and decor. From coffee table sets to dining tables, chairs, racks and decorative pieces, each item reflects our commitment to excellence.

Partnering closely with architects, hospitality experts, and retailers, we offer tailored solutions for custom projects. Our made-to-measure options cater to unique interior visions.

Made for interior professionals

Discover sophistication redefined for retailers, shops and wholesale. Our selected assortment of furniture and decor infuse custom elegance into your space. With a unique WR-Inspired concept we create a lasting impression.

We offer balanced collections embodying contemporary chic and luxury design. Tailored solutions cater to your brand’s identity and story line. Sustainable craftsmanship combines steel with recyclable natural materials.

Experience excellence, immerse yourself in our showcase at international trade fairs. Partner with us to transform your retail environment or store into a haven of elegant luxury.

Sophistication that elevates your retail space into an immersive experience of custom excellence.

Our DNA: Enduring Expertise

These nested coffee tables stand as the cornerstone and expertise of WR-Inspired. They mark our inception and remain the heartbeat of our company. From the very start, these tables symbolize our dedication to versatility, coordination, and timeless design.

Crafted with precision and finesse, they represent the enduring essence of our brand—a testament to our commitment to elevate spaces with sophistication and functionality. Discover the art of coordination and versatility with our signature nested coffee tables.

Our collection, boasting various heights and materials, seamlessly complements diverse aesthetics. From sleek metal to the warmth of wood or luxury of marble, each table complements the other, offering endless styling possibilities. Crafted with European precision, these tables redefine elegance and functionality in any setting.

Empowering Architects and Hospitality Professionals

We pledge our commitment to architects and hospitality professionals, serving as your dedicated ally in the creation of matchless interior spaces. Our mission revolves around offering a variety of customizable solutions to enhance your projects. Be it the visionary blueprint of a hotel or cruise-ship, the culinary canvas of a restaurant, a co-working space, or the intimate allure of residential designs, our interior collections serve as your artistic arsenal.

We understand the essence of individuality in design, which is why we provide tailored solutions that resonate with your unique vision.

From concept to realization, our expertise stands as your guiding beacon, navigating each phase with precision and finesse, ensuring that every element aligns seamlessly with your expectations.


At our heart lies a process that defines our commitment to crafting exceptional furniture solutions. Our journey begins with a seamless integration of design, development, and production, honed to precision. Technical drawings, comprehensive development are the hallmarks of our approach, ensuring every detail is brought to life with matchless precision and artistry.

When it comes to projects, our methodology includes two distinct yet equally effective approaches. The first involves clients sharing detailed information, requirements, and drawings, offering us a roadmap to delve deep into their vision. We carefully investigate, ensuring that our capabilities align with their needs, crafting custom solutions or presenting tailored offers that meet and exceed their expectations.

Alternatively, some clients prefer to share impressions and expectations, entrusting us to embark on a journey of creation from the beginning. Here, we refine their desires into concrete products, sculpting every detail to meet their unique specifications. Our process, from creative envisioning to execution, ensures that each product is a testament to their envisioned needs, brought to life with sophistication and innovation. This extends to our made-to-measure approach for crafting products. We believe that every piece should fit seamlessly into its intended space, reflecting not just style but also precision in its design.

Regardless of the approach, our commitment remains to engage with clients transparently, providing them with the necessary documents, drawings, and insights. This collaborative exchange allows us to align visions, ensuring that every step resonates with your expectations.


We are constantly exploring new production solutions, staying adjusted to emerging trends, and seeking out cutting-edge materials.

This pursuit of innovation fuels our growth and opens new realms of possibilities for our clients.

By constantly pushing boundaries and embracing the latest advancements, we ensure that our offerings evolve with the ever-changing landscape of design and technology. Our exploration of new materials, production methods, and design trends positions us at the forefront of the industry, giving you access to a world of possibilities.

This commitment to innovation isn’t just about our growth; it’s about providing you with new and improved possibilities. As we continue to evolve and explore, we create paths for you to experience the latest, most sophisticated solutions tailored to your unique vision and needs. Innovation isn’t just a means of progress; it’s the spark for turning imagination into reality.

Materials and sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of our product philosophy. We prioritize quality materials like durable powder-coated steel and natural elements such as wood, stone, quartz, glass, and textiles. Our use of durable powder coatings reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility. These coatings minimize VOC emissions, ensuring minimal impact on air quality. Additionally, our materials comply with European regulations, containing no harmful components. Sustainability isn’t just a feature; it’s a fundamental aspect woven into every product we create.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our materials’ quality to their lifecycle impact. We’re proud that the materials we use are fully recyclable, ensuring a sustainable loop that minimizes waste and environmental impact. By prioritizing recyclable materials, including steel that remains valuable in its reuse, we aim to forge a path toward a more sustainable future.


Hall furniture; Occasional furniture; Tables and chairs


Leather furniture; Marble or stone furniture; Modern hall furniture; Stacking and nesting living room tables