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April 18 - 23, 2023

Ita Production

ITA PRODUCTION is a company with experience in producing solid wood tables and upholstered chairs. Tables are solid wood, a combination of oak and Turkey oak. There are tables for the inside, rustic, antique, but with modern lines and trends, with finishes that let you see elegant wild oak.

We provide an artisan craft carefully made and with great taste. Because we keep the original fibre of wood, each table is unique. The chairs have solid wood frame, legs made of oak or beech, naturally lacquered or finished in shades of walnut, cherry, colonial, or wenge. Leather upholstery is made of fabric and has a wide range of colours.

We produce over 90% of our total production for the foreign market and less than 10% for the domestic market.

We have almost 28 years of experience in the foreign market and we have delivered for companies from Austria, Germany, England, Sweden, Holland, as well as for the worldwide magazine chain IKEA, we are recognised for the quality of our products.


Occasional furniture; Tables and chairs


Cardboard chairs and stools; Extension dining tables