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April 18 - 23, 2023

Newel Turning SRL

Welcome to the world of special products that Newel Turning has prepared for you. The furniture of our home, where we live peacefully is never just lifeless items. They are family members who has been “living” with us and sharing a whole life. There is an absolute relationship between the place where people live and the way they make sense of the world.

We as Newel Turning, with all the values of life offers us, our aim to bring facilities and comfort into your room for you to make your sleep, the most comfortable hours of your day. We include our new designs in different models and variety colours with their unique colours and patterns in our product portfolio, and we offer our special products that will create a style, to our valued customers’ taste.

If you are ready to embark on a decoration journey where warm colours that reflect your soul and relax your body are blended with special fabrics and quality, we invite you to see the products you have examined in our catalog closely and to try the comfort of the Newel Turning products. Choose the right one for bed bases and beds, witness quality sleep which improve your quality of life.

Newel Turning reflects the needs and expectations of the sector in the best way to the products and services with the consumer-oriented approach. We strive to offer high quality and modern living spaces with the principle of production, foreseen by trends and after sales satisfaction.

We aim to continuously raise the standards in the furniture sector with our innovative line, modern production-marketing approach and our experience in the sector.

Our company is always with its customers in the international competition environment with customer-oriented quality standards within the framework of quality products and services, as well as the after-sales service.

The first ring of unconditional customer satisfaction is the right raw material selection and the high standard quality control mechanism. With this awareness, we carefully select each raw material and manufacturer.

Newel Turning has one of the best offers of bed bases and headboards. European countries are our core market.  We are suppling mattresses, headboards and bed bases with reasonable prices in European standards.


Bedrooms; Beds; Tables and chairs; Upholstered furniture


Hotel bedrooms; Mattresses; Modern bedrooms; Modern beds; Modern chairs, wood; Modern sofas and armchairs; Traditional beds; Traditional chairs, wood; Upholstered beds