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April 18 - 23, 2023

Spalli Collection SRL

We foster a multidisciplinary and pragmatic approach to industrial sustainability by carrying extensive research for each product, drawing on advance expertise and know-how available worldwide.

Respect for the environment is part of our DNA and has always been expressed through real commitment. We are devoted to protecting the natural clean and healthy development of forests. In our furniture we use the highest quality wood of certified origin from controlled reforestation plantations.

It’s our corporate missions to integrate great design with sustainability and we take great care to ensure that every product is of great quality and produced in a responsible way.

We follow sustainability in all our operations, whether it concerns the manufacturing process, the materials used for production, the quality control, logistics, etc.

We believe that everlasting design is a combination of emotions, functionality, aesthetics and respect brought to life through skilful craftwork elements, obsessive attention to details and highest quality sustainable materials.

Great design doesn’t only resume to beautiful aesthetics and functionality, it goes much further including a continuous evolving manufacturing process that focuses durability, quality, efficient production and a continuous improvement framework.


Dining rooms and living rooms; Tables and chairs


Cardboard bookcases; Marble dining tables; Marble living room tables; Modern bookcases, wood; Modern chairs, wood; Modern dining rooms; Modern dining tables; Modern living room tables; Modern living rooms; Traditional bookcases, wood; Traditional chairs, wood; Traditional dining rooms; Traditional dining tables; Traditional living room tables; Traditional living rooms